My Teaching Philosophy

  • I believe that all children can learn and should have the opportunity to do so at their full potential with provided guidance, so that in the future, students can seek further education toward a productive career. The main reason I decided to become a teacher is the opportunity to contribute to the new generation who will be the future of the nation. Students should be prepared for the future that awaits them. Having an education is essential because of the global changes that are occurring today. As a Foreign Language teacher, I focus on developing the skills of my students in the target language so that they can effectively communicate in a multilingual world.

    In order for me to help students to achieve their success, I maintain a student-centered classroom where the students' learning and achievement is promoted. Learning is a process, therefore, in my classroom, self-directed learning is fostered. Students work in groups, share their ideas, ask and answer questions, and collaborate with one another. This learning approach allows students to apply their language knowledge, discover new information, and enhance problem solving skills. All these skills are essential when learning a second language. Students have the opportunity to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking in the Target Language which is important for mastery. I assist them in becoming proficient in the Spanish language; to be able to use the language to communicate, and to acquire cross-cultural skills and understandings throughout the rest of their lives.
    My goals are that my students become risk takers, develop critical thinking and acquire lifelong learning skills. Those skills will play an important role in their future and will be necessary to survive in a very competitive world.