• Grading in Physical Education

    The Physical Education Program at the Middle School offers a wide variety of activities and units.
     Emphasis is placed upon the individual student to put forth his/her best effort at all times.

    Marking period grades are calculated using the following weightings for each of the specific types of assessments. 

    I have also included the mathematical formula that is used in grade calculations:



    The Physical Education Program at the Middle & High School offers a wide variety of activities and units.  Emphasis is placed upon the individual student to put forth his/her best effort at all times.

    Daily Rubric:

    Each Middle School & High School Lesson will be worth a total of 10 points.
    Five Categories Includes:
    1 - Preparation
    2 - Fitness (Dynamic Warm-Up, Muscular Strength/Endurance & Flexibility)
    3 - Social Interaction
    4 - Knowledge
    5 - Participation
    Each category is worth 2 daily points:
    2 - Full Credit
    1 - Half Credit
    0 - No Credit 
    Additional Assessments:
    Specific Psychomotor and/or Cognitive Assessments may be administered by the Physical Education Staff; Elective Specific.  These assessments will be given a specific weight for each marking period.  (ex: Badminton Rules Test = 3% of MP... Therefore, 97% would be based on Daily Rubric Above).  As additional assessments are given, the daily value is reduced; however, the lowest the daily value could ever reach is 75%.
    ** Note - The Required Physical Fitness Assessment is worth 15% of students' 2nd MP Grade.  This assessment is an annual assessment measuring a variety of Health-Related Physical Fitness Categories - Cardio-Respiratory Endurance, Flexibility, Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance.  Students scores are based on their respective gender/class and then students are 'percent-ranked' for each category assessment; finally, an average of all the assessments is calculated to determine their annual physical fitness score.  Report Cards will have a comment regarding the Fitness Assessment Results.  If a student does not complete a portion of the assessment, then the entire 15% will be deducted from their grade - PE teachers provide ample time for make-ups and re-tests.  Medical Excuses do not negatively affect a students grade based on the fitness assessment.

    Makeup Protocol

    Each student is allowed up to (3) excused absences; which includes appointments, music lessons, field trips, illness, etc...  Any additional absences, whether excused or unexcused, MUST be remediated by the 5th subsequent Physical Education Class, or NO CREDIT will be given for that class.  It's up to the student to schedule remediation and attain any due classwork in a timely manner in order to receive Full Credit.
    ** Note - Class Cuts = Automatic NO Credit & No Remediation



    Please click the link below to view our daily grading rubric for Physical Education