Physical Fitness Lends to Beautiful Views

Philosophy of Teaching

  • I believe all students deserve a caring and compassionate educator who is considerate of their diverse needs while providing an appropriate challenge. Physical Education is the study and practice of the science and the art of human movement. Physical Education gives each individual the opportunity to learn to efficiently perform all the motor skills they need for daily living. Stressing the importance of physical fitness within a variety of recreational activities is a curricular goal of mine; recreation is how individuals stay physically, socially and emotionally fit throughout their adult lives and it is important that our students learn these skills now.

    Through Physical Education, students improve their skills, knowledge, and attitudes which will help them lead active healthy lifestyles as adults. Physical Education should be both "physical" and "educational" which means students will be asked to complete a variety of tasks within their Physical Education class ranging from sports skills completion to rules and regulations quizzes. We need to teach our students the importance of daily physical activity in their lives. I strive to create lessons that are child-centered, worthwhile, exciting, fun and meet the needs of all my students. Physical Education builds character, persistence, and teamwork; it provides physical and cognitive challenges for all participants and aids in creating a well rounded, college and career ready student.