• How to create and send a document to me:


    1. Open up either Google Chrome or Firefox
    2. In the search bar type in “drive.google.com”
    3. You may need to click on a blue rectangle that says “Go to Google Drive”
    4. Enter your email address in this format:   20_ ____________@vvsschools.org
    5. Click “Next”
    6. Enter your password and click “Sign In”
    7. Click “I accept”
    8. In the upper right corner, click on the icon that looks like a lot of squares arranged in a square
    9. Click on “Docs”
    10. Now, click on the “Blank” document and start typing
    11. Above the tool bar, click on the words “Untitled document”, now rename the document “Lab 8 Conclusion”
    12. When you are done typing the document, click on “Share” – it is in the toolbar and is probably blue
    13. Enter my email address: dkiskiel@vvsschools.org
    14. Click on “Send”
    15. You did it‼‼‼!