• Teaching Philosophy 

    I believe that all children have the ability to excel in the art room. The arts are a content area where diverse thinking skills and hands-on learning are emphasized. Children are able to flourish and interpret their individual perceptions of the world through visual form. Art Education provides all students with fundamental opportunities  for personal growth and the groundwork for future success within society.
    I will foster and promote responsibility and leadership in my students. I will teach my students the importance of valuing the diversity of individuals and cultures within their society and globally. I also believe it is important to show-case the talent of the children allowing art to have a powerful voice within the community. By continually displaying works of art, students are able to share their creative explorations and inspire others to do the same.
    Students learning will be stimulated through creative lesson plans that include interdisciplinary connections and a very hands-on approach to learning. I will promote critical thinking and develop strong, meaningful conversations through class discussions, incorporating technology and relating material to modern culture. Through my lessons students develop self-esteem, self-discipline, self-motivation and appreciation of other cultures, past and present. The self-discipline, curiosity and creative problem solving skills will serve to spark continuing learning throughout student's lives. 
    Art is important to a child's development because it expands their mind and encourages alternative approaches to thinking. Children bring together both real world experiences and imagination to grow individually through the visual arts. I will nurture this process and help children learn to incorporate their creativity into every other aspect of their lives.