• General Music

    All students in Grades 3-6 are required to bring a pencil to each and every music class.

    Grade 3: As part of the music curriculum, all students in 3rd grade learn recorder from January to June. Therefore, students will need $3.00 to purchase a recorder through the school. More information and order sheets will be distributed in mid-October.

    Grades Pre-K, 2, 4, 5, 6 are not required to purchase any specific materials for general music. They are provided a manilla folder that stays in the classroom throughout the year to hold any papers they may need during class time.


    Donations of the following disposable items are always welcome:

    Tissue Boxes

    No. 2 Pencils

    Loose Leaf Paper


    Instrumental Band


    Instruments need to be purchased or rented through a music rental company (Oneida Music, Big Apple, Music & Arts). Please do not purchase a colored instrument. Larger instruments (French Horn & Baritone) may be loaned through the school, pending availability. We do have a limited number of smaller school owned instruments for families with financial hardships. Email Mrs. DeSalvatore if you have any questions. 

    Repair Needs

    Please, always treat your instrument as if it is a living thing. I know this sounds silly, but instruments (though made of metal and look tough), are extremely fragile and any drop, bump, or slip can make it unplayable until it is repaired. I am proud that I have had minimal issues thus far (knock on wood) with instruments needing repairs, and the students take special care of their instruments. This all being said, things DO happen (and that's okay, too!), and here is what you should do:

    Rental Instruments: Take your instrument to the company you are renting from (OR if it is Music & Arts or Oneida Music you may notify Mrs. DeSalvatore and she can give the instrument to them on their weekly school visit). Chances are, repairs are covered in your rental cost! Be sure to ask for a loaner so your child still has something to play in the meantime!

    School Owned Instruments: Notify Mrs. DeSalvatore of an issue. The instrument will either be swapped for another or sent out for repair if it is absolutely necessary and cost effective.

    Purchased/Owned Instruments: Take your instrument to Music & Arts and Oneida Music take instruments repairs (OR you may notify Mrs. DeSalvatore and she can give the instrument to them on their weekly school visit, and pass on the cost of the estimate to you). Dave Hawthorne, a local Sherrill resident and music teacher in Oneida, also offers repair services. Please contact me for his information

    Always make sure to check with your music teacher FIRST if you think there is a problem with your instrument. Often times, I can fix minor repairs!

    Lesson Book

    4th Grade 

    Method: Accent on Achievement, Book 1 for your appropriate instrument (Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Eb Alto Saxophone, Bb Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, B.C. Baritone, Combined Percussion)

    When Book 1 is Complete:

    Method: Student Instrumental Course, Level II (Intermediate) for your appropriate instrument (book is outlined in red)

    Accessory List

    The following is a list of accessory items for all Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion instruments. Those items that are replenishable are marked with an *.

    Flute: Cleaning Swab (bandanas or handkerchiefs also work well)

    Clarinet: 1 box of Bb Clarinet Reeds*, strength 2 ½ (Rico) or Medium Soft (La Voz), Cleaning Swab

    *5th & 6th Grade upgrade to strength 3 or Medium reeds

    Alto Saxophone: 1 box of Alto Saxophone Reeds*, strength 2 ½ (Rico) or Medium Soft (La Voz), Cleaning Swab, Neck Strap

    *5th & 6th Grade upgrade to strength 3 or Medium reeds

    Trumpet: 1 bottle of Valve Oil*, Valve Brush

    French Horn: 1 bottle of Rotary Valve Oil*

    Trombone: Slide Grease*, Small Spray Water Bottle (can find at the Dollar Store)

    Baritone: 1 bottle of Valve Oil*, Valve Brush

    Percussion: 1 pair Snare Drum Sticks (2B, 5A, 5B or 7A are all acceptable sizes), Practice Pad & Stand will be needed for the 1st year, add bell kit for 2nd year.

    Additional Opportunities

    NYSSMA Solo Festival: Students in 5th and 6th grade have the opportunity to attend Solo Fest, where they prepare scales, a solo, and sight reading to play for a judge. They receive a score rating and comments. The fee to attend is $14

    All County: Students who have attended NYSSMA Solo Fest may be recommended by their teacher to perform in the 5th & 6th grade All County Band (March Festival). The cost to attend is $5.