• Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry H

        This is a more rigorous curriculum than Algebra II and Trigonometry R.  Topics covered include advanced algebra, patterns, relations, functions, modeling, trigonometric functions and their applications, probability and statistics. An Algebra II and Trigonometry Common Core Regents will be given at the end of the course. 

    MVCC - MA 125 
    This course prepares students for MA150 Precalculus. Topics include linear and quadratic equations; inequalities; rational expressions; trigonometric functions; graphs of linear, quadratic, piecewise, and trigonometric functions; and, systems of equations. Algebraic and trigonometric manipulations and problem-solving are emphasized. Prerequisite: An appropriate placement test result or MA115 Intermediate Mathematics. 
    In order to transfer your MVCC credits you must request a copy of MVCC transcript be sent to your college.   Transcript request can be made online at  http://www.mvcc.edu/registrar/transcripts.  It is highly recommended that you request an unofficial first to make sure all of your grades and credits are there.    An official will cost $10.00.