The Order of Operations is the order in which you solve an expression.  Remember, an expression does NOT have an equal sign, but still can be solved. 
    You will ALWAYS solve an Order of Operations question in this order:
    1. Solve all the parenthesis ( )
    2. Solve all the brackets [ ]
    3. Solve all the braces { }
    4. Solve all the exponents
    5. Solve all the multiplying and dividing, whatever one your eyes see first moving left to right
    6. Solve all the adding and subtracting, whatever one your eyes see first moving left to right 
    How do you solve an Order of Operations question?
    1. First make a list along the side of your paper that looks like this:
    ( )
    [ ]
    { }
    2. Underline the first thing you are going to solve, using your list above as your guide.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER, YOU CAN ONLY UNDERLINE AND SOLVE ONE THING PER LINE.
    3. Write your answer to what you underlined underneath the underlined numbers and WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING ELSE EXACTLY AS IT WAS ABOVE.
    4. Continue to go through your list until you can check everything off and you are left with a final answer.

    order of operations