We are very excited to offer many different programs after school to build upon and enrich our kids' educational experiences.  Thanks to the work of our teachers - last year nearly every single teacher in our building facilitated such experiences - we are able to offer these awesome opportunities.   Almost all of our after school programs target students in grades 2-6.  However, this year we have also extended this enrichment to kinder and 1st grade students. Some of our clubs include the following:
    • Homework Club
    • Comprehension Club
    • Math Club 
    • Art Club
    • Garden Club
    • Drama Club
    • Science Club
    • Cooking Club
    • Athletic Intramurals
    • Student Council
    • Targeted Instruction
    • Reading Buddies
    • Math Buddies
    • Early Intervention
    • Bey Blades Club
    • Legos Club
    • Minecraft Math

    Because we offer so many different opportunities, we are as careful as possible when scheduling.  However, at times students may need to choose among a few after school options.  We will include a monthly schedule as soon as we can, starting in October.  Please consult your child's teacher or call Mr. Pompo should you have a question or concern.