• Marking period grades are calculated using the following weightings for each of the specific types of assessments.  I have also included the mathematical formula that I use in grade calculations:


    Each assessment area is graded daily based on a four point rubric scale from the 6 following categories.

    Grading Rubric

    4 – Always / Excellent

    3 – Usually / Good

    2 – Sometimes / Fair

    1 – Seldom / Poor

    0 – Never

    The total point value for each day equals up to 24 points.  The students begin each day with the maximum point value allotted; however, points are deducted if specific assessment areas are insufficiently attained. Following the conclusion of each marking period, the proceeding formula(s) are utilized.


    At Least 70%... Daily Student Assessment based on Rubric Above:

    Formula - To account for Medical, Legal, Suspension & Make-up Written Assignments)

       Average Daily Point Value / 24

    x Days in Attendance / (Days in Attendance + Written Work Days)

    + Written Work Average x (Written Work Days / Days in Attendance + Written Work Days)


    Up to a Maximum of 25%... Unit Specific Skill, Knowledge & Achievement Scores

    Utilizing the same Rubric as Above - Approximately 3-5 Assessments each Unit.

    5%... Student Self Evaluation