CAD is an introductory course utilizing the Universally popular CAD software, AutoCAD.

    This entry level foundation course targets students with little or no previous design & drafting experience.

    Students will learn the basics of CAD geometry creation and manipulation using a variety of computer command inputs including keyboard shortcuts, toolbox icons and mouse menu selection. Geometry created will include points, lines, circles, arcs, and basic polygons. Geometry is edited or manipulated using commands such as zoom, pan, trim, extend, copy, rotate and by the use of geometry “grips”.

    Course Outline

    Each student will complete a variety of case studies or drawing problems. The class follows Principles and Practice: An Integrated Approach to Engineering Graphics and AutoCAD 2016.  The text includes 13 units building skills and teaching, orthographic projection, isometric drawings, section drawings, and auxilary views to mention a few topics

    Following completion of the text students will be given 2D drawing problems to solve and 3D drawing will be investigated.  Use of the 3D printer and real life design problems is a norm for this class.