Homework and Helpful tips

    Homework is sent home on Friday and due the following Friday. Every students has their own Homework Folder. Each week students will have a copy of the upcoming weeks spelling words, a fluency packet, some sort of skill review and an "UN"Homework option. 
    • "UN"Homework is a chance for families to complete various activities outside of the tradional homework relm. As tasks are completed, students will turn in a ticket to be entered into a weekly drawing. "UN"Homework is completly optional.
    • Phonics Packet: This is a collection of phonics activities that reinforce the skills that we will be studying for the week. There is also a copy of the spelling list on the front. Students are encourage to practice reading the stories and words included in the fluency packet. 
    • Sight Words are individually assigned to students. Please check your student's anchor folder for the most current list. 
    • Individual Reading Levels: Please refer to your student's individual reading level and suggested books for their level. Any type of reading is ALWAYS encouraged, but do not forget to talk about what you have read and ask questions to check for understanding.