• English 10R


    Students will study selected short stories, poetry, nonfiction, and drama (The Tragedy of Julius Caesar) using The Prentice Hall Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes Platinum Level anthology. The novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee OR Invisible by Pete Hautman will be taught.

    A minimum of two verbal presentations is required.

    The research unit reviews the research thesis statement, introduction, note cards, and citation steps. Students will focus on how to avoid plagiarism through proper paraphrasing, quoting, and citing by completing multiple assignments, to practice research paper skills in order to reinforce the MLA (Modern Language Association) research writing process.

    The Effective Communicator lessons in Grade 10 will focus on close reading and claim/counter-claim essay writing. Students must demonstrate ability to comprehend and interpret various literary works. Students must base their ideas on a thorough reading of the pieces of literature and write a carefully planned essay containing a thesis statement, supporting paragraphs including text-based evidence with citations, and a conclusion.

    All lessons will incorporate components of the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards to assist students with reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking.


    Grades will consist of tests, writing assignments, projects, quizzes, bell ringers, verbal presentations, and participation.  Grades are calculated on a point system.  Each assignment given is worth a certain amount of points.  For example, an assignment like a verbal project may be worth 100 points, while a small class assignment may be worth 20 points.  At the end of the marking period, grades are calculated by adding up the number of points earned and dividing by the number of points possible. Standards-Based Grading practices will be incorporated to focus on student learning and provide grades based on demonstration of student understanding of specific concepts and NYS learning standards.


     Quiz:  18/20

    Test:  70/80

    Project:  82/100

    Average = 18+70+82      =       170      =       85%

                    20+80+100             200


    • Blue or black INK pen (All tests must be taken in ink pen!).

    • Lined, loose-leaf notebook paper (NOT spiral).