• Processing Materials

    Spring Semester Period 4 


    Instructor: Mr.  M. Colbert

    Location:  Rm. 31 Middle School

    Course Description: Processing materials is designed to provide students with a knowledge and understanding of how materials are procesed from a raw to a finished product.  Students will explore construction principles and techniques while developing practical skills in woodworking. Emphasis will be placed on laboratory activities that will reinforce concepts of materials processing.

    Course Objectives:

    ·        Develop the ability to analyze and resolve problems through practical experiences

    ·        Be able to identify and safely use many of the resources, processes, concepts, and tools related to woodworking.

    ·        Combine mathematics, and science concepts to solve materials processing problems

    ·        Gain the knowledge and ability to identify and construct various types of wood joints used in project work.

    ·        Be able to apply a basic finish to a wooden project using proper materials and techniques.

    ·        Develop safe woodworking habits and practices

    ·        Gain the knowledge and ability to identify various types of wood and other products used in woodworking.

    Class Supplies and Expectations

    You will need a three ring binder 1” or 1 ½” with at least 8 dividers, pencil, and a calculator.   Come to class on time and prepared to work.  No open-toed shoes will be permitted.  Personal safety glasses are allowed.


    Topics to Be Covered:

    1.    Material types, classification, and Properties

    2.    Measurement and Lay out 

    3.    Machine and Hand Tools

    4.    Sanding and Finishing 

    5.    Wood Joints

    6.    Wood Finishing.      

    7.    Careers in The Woodworking Industry


    Projects 60%

    Projects can be hands-on and written

    Class work 20%

    Sufficient time will be given during class to complete all class assignments. Use time wisely

    Test and Quizzes 15%

    All tests and quizzes are open binder. (Keep your binder organized)

    Binder 5%

    Your binder will be collected and graded at the end of the semester. Grading will be based on organization, and entirety of materials.