• Office Hours: Mrs. Schonewetter provides individual assistance during office hours and before or after school by appointment. She also gives help throughout the school day during open periods by appointment.

    E-mail: Contact Mrs. Schonewetter at dschonewetter@vvsschools.org

    Background: Mrs. Schonewetter earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Christian Education from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, and a Master’s Degree in Adolescence Education from Utica College. Prior to becoming a teacher, she worked in private industry as a manager, owned and operated her own business, and taught piano lessons. Her hobbies include being an active member of the VVS Community Rotary Club, advising the VVS Interact Club, advising the VVS school newspaper:The Red Press, serving as the VVS FFA Business Manager, serving at church, playing piano, golfing, and reading.

    Teaching Philosophy: Welcome to success. Students who complete all assignments, cooperate, and comply with class rules can expect to pass. WORK is Mrs. Schonewetter’s favorite four-letter word.