• 2021-2022 School District Budget Vote &

    Board of Education Election Information

    Board of Education Election:

    There is one Board of Education Member's seat whose term is expiring. One encumbant member, Dr. Frank Frey, is running fo re-election. There are no other candidates on the ballot for this seat.


    Budget Summary Information:

    The Board of Education has approved a proposed 2021-22 school year budget in the amount of $41,755,498. This represents a change over the current school year of $794,641, or 1.94%.

    The Board of Education has approved a proposed 2021-22 school year levy in the amount of $14,852,590. This represents no levy increase over the current school year. 

    To offset any levy increase, the Board of Education has allocated the use of its fund balance and reserves in the amount of $1,382,934.

    There is a decrease in the percentage of the budget allocated for administrative functions, representing 8.68% of the proposed 2021-22 school year budget.

     Additional budget detail information is provided below. Questions regarding the budget vote and election should be directed to Ms. Tamara Whooten, District Clerk at 315-829-7425, or Mr. Mark Wixson, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operation at 315-829-7487.


    School Budget Information and Community Budget Resources 
    School Budget Information and Community Budget Resources

    Please find in the links below information that may assist you in learning more about the VVS School District Proposed Budget and school district budgets in general.  We hope that you will find this information helpful, and as always feel free to contact the VVS District Office at 315-829-7487 with any other questions regarding the VVS School District Budget.

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