• Philosophy of Education:

    As educators we wear many hats.  Sometimes we provide direct instruction, sometimes we facilitate group learning, and sometimes we work individually with students in a more direct manner.  As a co-teacher and special education teacher I perform all of these roles throughout the school year, along with many others.  Like most teachers, I believe that all students can learn.  Students need to be provided with the skill set, mind set, and opportunities to be successful.  This success leads to greater motivation and even greater success in the future.  It is my hope that students leaving my classroom will have an increased appreciation for learning, greater self-confidence, and the skills necessary to become successful in whatever their future may hold.  In order to accomplish this goal I believe that students must be provided with a structured and familiar routine as well as clear expectations for behavior both in the classroom and within the school community.  Positive behavior is encourage and enforced.  Academic and behavioral success comes easier to students if parents and I can present a "united front" approach through regular communication.  I also believe in regular communication with my students' teachers.  These open pathways of communication convey to the student that teachers, parents, and the student are all a part of the same team and working toward the same common goal: student success.