• Grade 4 Curriculum Overview


    · Journeys Reading Series

    · Read a variety of different genre

    · Read aloud and silent reading opportunities

    · Word identification and comprehension skills (main idea, facts and details, sequence, cause/effect, compare/contrast, predictions, making inferences, fact/opinion, author’s purpose, figurative language and summarizing)

    · Guided reading groups

    · Journeys gradual realease-writing program focusing on the following types of writing: Character Analysis, Expository, Opinion/Point of View, and Compare/Contrast

    · Journeys Word Study Program

    · Many writing, listening, and speaking opportunities

    · Oral Expression for the purpose of gaining, sharing, and interpreting information

    · Mechanics


    · Fourth grade concepts build on previously learned content in third grade

    · Number sense/Place value

    · Basic Operations-addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers

    · Measurement

    · Time/Money

    · Fractions

    · Geometry

    · Probability

    · Problem Solving


    · Enspire  Science Series

    · Ecosystems

    · Kingdom Classification and Measurement

    · Electricity

    · Pond Life

    · Personal Safety

    · Healthy Habits

    Social Studies

    · Scott Foresman Social Studies Series

    · Maps and Globes

    · Citizenship-Civic Rights

    · Native Americans

    · Colonial Period

    · Revolutionary War

    · The New Nation

    · Civil War

    · Industrial Growth and Expansion