• Book Jacket Guidelines for Independent Book



    (-10 points for each day late, up to 2 days)


    ***You will need to use a colorful file folder or decorate a manila folder and glue or neatly tape your materials on it.




    Front Cover: (10 points) 

    Scan, photocopy, or download a copy of the actual book jacket. (amazon.com) or you may design your own cover. A piece of printed computer paper makes a nice background. Include the book title and author.


    Inside: (LEFT)  (10 points for each part for a total of 20 points)

    1. Write a summary of the book. The summary must be original!! Do not copy one from sparknotes—I will check and you will receive a zero for plagiarism. The summary should a minimum of10 sentences!

    2. Copy the first page or an excerpt from the book that was interesting. Photocopy, type or handwrite it.


      Inside: (RIGHT) (10 points for each part for a total of 20 points)


    1. Scan, photocopy or download THREE book reviews about your book. Check out amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com. Book reviews are usually short—for example, NY Times: “A must-read book for anyone with a heart.”

    2. Write your own book review and add it beneath the others. Make sure you put your name with your review.


      Back Cover: (20 points) 

      Personal Reflection: (This is really your opinion of the book). Write a short piece (minimum 6 sentences) about how the book made you react and/or feel. What did the book make you think about? Would you recommend the book to someone else? Why or why not?


      Appearance: (20 points)

      Cut out pictures or words that are symbolic of events in your novel. (ex: detach, love or perish, culture, etc…) and decorate the book jacket.

      Decorate/color your book jacket appropriately. 


      Spelling/Neatness/Grammar: (10 points)

      Make sure you have correct spelling, grammar and that your book jacket is NEAT!


      Total Points Available: 100 Points for Book Jacket



      Your book jacket will be graded for its uniqueness and creativity as well as the requirements listed above.