•  globe  English 11R has several field trips each year that are optional for students to attend, but they are very enriching and educational for all.  There are a limited number of seats available for each and once the trip is announced, it's on a first come first serve basis.  To hold a student's spot, the trip must be paid in full when he/she signs up.  More information and permission slips will be distributed as the trip is being planned.

    Washington, DC --This trip is planned every other year and is related to the novel Night. The focus of the trip is the Holocaust Museum. We also tour other historic sites such as the Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, etc... This is a one day trip and the cost ranges from $90-110 per student.    
    Vietnam Wall  Washinton Monument DC
    Salem, Ma. -- This trip is traditionally planned for the Fall and is related to the play The Crucible. We go to Salem and tour the Salem Witch Museum, The Burying Point Cemetery, a Haunted House, and other historic sites/museums. This is a one day trip and the cost ranges from $85-100 per student. The cost includes the chartered bus and the tickets to all museums that we tour. We stay in Salem for the first half of the day and then we go back down into Boston to Quincey's Market for the afternoon.

     witch village      witch trials memorial