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    College Concepts in English



    College Essay


    Task #1: Type up a bulleted list of activities that you participate in both in and out of school from grades 9-12. (ex: any volunteer work, FFA, Honors Society, Global Nexus, student council, Relay for Life, Jobs, Sports, Boy Scouts, Church Activities etc…) See attached sample for a potential format. (another option is a resume)


    Task #2: Download a college application & Essay Topic (preferably one of your top choices). If you do not plan on going to college right away or at all, you do need to select one anyway for this assignment. Complete the college application to the best of your ability. You will eventually be writing the essay that you selected.



    Meeting deadlines is important!!! Colleges set deadlines and you are expected to meet them. If you don’t meet them, there isn’t a second chance. Start now with planning, prioritizing, and meeting deadlines.


    Activities List Due:_______


    First Draft of College Essay Due:_______


    Revised College Essay Due:_______