• My Philosophy of Education:
         As a fifth and sixth grade team, we believe that a school, its staff and its teachers must be focused on one common goal:  student learning.

    Philosophy of Grading:
         As educators we believe that a grade should represent what students have learned based on their level of mastery of the district objectives and New York State standards.  Grading practices should be used to promote learning, accomplishments, and academic growth.  All grades should be communicated with both students and parents.  Grades should be seen as a tool to foster academic growth and demonstrate the student's achievement.       
         Students' performance will be measured using many forms of assessments, including class work and formal assessments.  Homework will not be graded, but will be used as a means of daily evaluation.
    Grade Calculations Chart 
     Subject: ELA- Reading and Writing Combined

    Areas that make up the student’s mark

     The percentage of the mark made up by this are




    These include all district quarterly assessments, unit tests and the Effective Communicator Assessment for the Quarter



    These include vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and spelling quizzes, along with projects assigned in class, and Book Chats



    These include any other graded work completed in Reading and/or Writing class, including Interactive Notebooks, which will be collected at least once a quarter