•  child raising hand I believe in order for children to learn there needs to be an organized and well disciplined classroom environment.  As a means of maintaining good classroom discipline, there are certain rules and consequences that have been established and students are expected to follow. 

    Our classroom rule is Golden Rule: Treat Others How You would Like To Be Treated. I believe all good behaviors and actions fall under this rule. 

    Consequences:  The consequences for not following the Golden Rule are as follows...
    If it is miner and not a repeat offense, the child may just receive a verbal or non-verbal warning.  If the behavior occurs again or is something the child has already been spoken to about, he/she will be asked to move their clip to the first yellow.  This will result in a lose of 5 minutes of free time. 
    Should the child break the rule again, he/she will be asked to move their clip to the second yellow. This will result in a lose of ten minutes of free time.  
    A third infraction will result in having to move their clip to the red.  This means the child will not be allowed to have any free time for the remainder of the day. 
    The child's clip will automatically be moved to the red for lying.  The children know that it is always better to tell the truth and suffer the consequences than to lie.
    All clips are moved to green  at the start of each school day!