• BOOKS   Philosophy of Education:  


    Students will acquire grade appropriate skills and knowledge in a structured, creative, and nurturing learning environment.  Students will be treated fairly.  Students are expected to treat their teachers and peers with kindness and respect.  Students will be actively engaged in their learning and be encouraged to maintain a positive attitude throughout their school day.  Students will be motivated to become life-long, independent learners. 


    BOOKSAPPLE    Grading Policy:

    50% - Tests

    (including: district quarterly assessments)

    50% - Quizzes

    (including:  Journeys vocabulary and comprehension tests)


    50% - Tests

    Effective Communicator assessment and classroom writing tasks

    50% - Quizzes

    Journeys spelling tests and various classroom writing


    50% - Chapter tests, Quizzes, Classwork

    50% -  Math quarterly assessment