• About Our Library at J. D. George Elementary

  • Library Classes:
    VVS students at J. D. George Elementary have scheduled classes in the library each 6 day cycle.  Instruction includes literature and information literacy.
    Primary classes are exposed to many types of literature, learn how libraries are organized, and begin to learn how to find books and materials on their own.  
    In the middle grades, students begin to read for information, and learn that they can find entertainment and meet information needs with literature. 3rd and 4th graders begin to judge which sources of information are the most trustworthy and which sources best meet their needs.
    In 5th and 6th grades, students deepen their knowledge as smart consumers of information.  They work on finding, evaluating, organizing, and ethically sharing information found in various sources such as books, websites, and databases. 
  • Borrowing Books:
    Students at J. D. George Elementary are all invited to borrow materials during the school year.  Families are asked to be respectful of borrowed materials.  Please keep them clean and dry, and have students return them on time.  Keep borrowed books safe from pets and young children.
    Lost items will be billed and payment is due by the end of the year.  Overdue notices are sent home periodically throughout the year.   
    If a book is damaged, have your child bring it in to show the library staff.  The book may be repairable.

     Books can be renewed as long as no one is waiting for them.  
    How to avoid bills for lost or damaged books:  
    Students who bring books in each week to renew them seldom lose books.  
    Be sure to check your child's backpack every day.  Look for overdue notices, and look to see that your child is keeping library books safely stored.  
    Keep borrowed books safe from pets and young children.
    Remind your child that wet or sticky items should not be in the backpack with a library book.