Spell Checker Poem

    Eye halve a spelling chequer

    It came with my pea sea

    It plainly marques four my revue

    Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.


    Eye strike a key and type a word

    And weight four it two say

    Weather eye am wrong oar write

    It shows me strait a weigh.

    As soon as a mist ache is maid

    It nose bee fore two long

    And eye can put the error rite

    Its rare lea ever wrong.


    Eye have run this poem threw it

    I am shore your pleased two no

    Its letter perfect awl the weigh

    My chequer tolled me sew. 

    Source unknown






    Answer the following questions about your own personal preference for learning by circling and/or writing answers that most accurately apply to you:

    1. Do you prefer a quiet place to work or do you prefer music or bustle around you?


    2.  If you had a 30 minute assignment, where would you want to complete it

                         A.  on the computer?

                         B.  in the classroom?

                         C.  in the resource center?

                         D.  on the carpet?

                         E.  in a chair?

                         F.  at your desk?

    3. Which would you choose:

                         A.  being given a choice of an assignment?

                         B.  having to figure things out?

                         C.  being told specifically what to do?

     4. If you don’t finish a task, is it

                         A.  because it’s boring?

                         B.  because you forget?

                         C.  because you are interested in something else?

                         Your reason_________________________________________________________

    5. Where do you like to be in the classroom?

                         A.  at the front of the room

                         B.  at the back of the room

                         C.  by the door

                         D.  by the wall

    6. When you study, do you

                         A.  work alone?

                         B.  work with a friend?

                         C.  work with a few friends?

    7. Do you like to share your work

                         A.  with a partner?

                         B.  with a group?

                         C.  would rather keep it to yourself?

     8. If something is new to you, do you

                         A.  read about it?

                         B.  listen and understand?

                         C.  watch someone doing it?

                         D.  try to do it?

    9. Are you in a good mood and like to learn

                         A.  in the morning?

                         B.  in the afternoon?

                         C.  in the evening?

    10. Do you find it difficult to sit for a long time at your desk?

                         A.  Yes 

                         B.  No

             Do you like to move around?

                         A.  Yes

                         B.  No

    11.  Do you snack when you are doing homework?  Where?  Why?


    12.  If you have a test tomorrow, what will you do to prepare?


    13.  If you had one week before the project is due, how do you organize?

    14.  What words would someone use to describe 

                         your locker? 

                         your room? 

                         your desk? 

                         your notebook?

    15.  What are some suggestions you would make to your teachers to help you learn?