Mrs. Cartini's Personal Philosophy of Education

    I believe that being an educator is a privilege.  Parents entrust their children to me daily and I take that responsibility very seriously.  As an educator, I believe that I have many jobs: teacher, mother, friend, counselor and nurse just to name a few.  I must do them all to be an effective teacher.

    Being a teacher means being more than a master of subject matter. An educator is responsive, approachable, dedicated, diligent, amicable, and dynamic.  Above all, I feel that being genuinely interested in the lives of the students is the most important piece to bring to the classroom.

    Teaching children lends itself to constant flexibility.  Every classroom presents a variety of personalities, learning styles, and special needs.  I feel that as a teacher, it is my duty to be aware of all differences and adjust my teaching style to meet the needs of every student in my classroom.  Being an educator also means being a student for the rest of my life.  I learn from my students on a daily basis in and out of the classroom environment.

    Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding experiences that one can encounter in a lifetime.  Next to being a mother, it is the most fulfilling role I possess.  I am not only proud, but grateful, to be called a teacher.

    Philosophy of Grading in Second Grade
    Reading, Writing and Math: Marking Period Grades will be comprised of 50% Weekly Quizzes/ Class Assignments and 50% Quarterly Exams. 
    Science and Social Studies are not formally graded.  However, some Science and Social Studies will be graded if it involves reading and writing activities.
    Homework is a practice of skills learned during the school day and is not formally graded, but it is checked and students are rewarded for doing it and turning it in.