• Welcome to 8th  Grade Middle School Science   2020-2021


    The middle school science curriculum is composed of several units of study. Over the course of two years, we will investigate concepts in life science, physical science, and geology. We begin our study with the very basics of scientific investigation and those concepts that are fundamental in each of the sciences. As the year continues, we will build on that basic knowledge.


    Science teaches us how to become effective problem-solvers in real world situations.Therefore, as we learn science, we will identify how it applies to our lives. In addition to reading and discussing science content, we will carry out meaningful activities and draw conclusions based on our experiences.

    Living Environment Honors Class:

    This is a two year course that will cover several topics that relate to the study of living organisms. Although the study of  biology along with developing an understanding of some of the major scientific issues of today will be the primary focus in this class, some physical science topics will also be covered. Topics discussed this year will include scientific method, laboratory techniques, the nature of life, cells, classification, ecology, human ecology.


    Each student should purchase an agenda book. The cost is $5.00 and can be purchased during homeroom. Parents, please check your child’s agenda, daily, and ask them questions about what they have learned in class that day. The purpose of the agenda is to show extended work assignments, upcoming tests and/or quizzes, and to provide reminders.



    Grades are based on the following percentages:

    Tests 40%

    Quizzes/Take Homes 25%

    Extended work 10%

    Labs/Projects 25%


    Take Homes

    Take Homes are given every other week except in the honors class. Their take homes will be given every week. Students may receive help from anyone; fellow students, teachers, or parents. They are distributed on a Monday and are due on the Friday of the same week. They are entitled to one free check by a science teacher who will let them know what questions are incorrect. This check must occur by Wednesday. The student then has an opportunity to make corrections and then resubmit the Take Home for a final grade. No late Take Homes will be accepted unless a student is absent on the day it is due.


    Textbooks for 8th Grade Science

    Students will not receive any textbooks this year. However, a reference book called the Sciencesaurus book can be signed out and utilized when students need to reinforce key concepts.


    Textbooks for Living Environment Honors:

    Each student will receive the Prentice Hall Living Environment Book.  Within this book is a workbook, textbook, and laboratory book.It should be brought to class everyday.  If a student loses it, he/she will have to purchase a new one.


    Students should always bring the following to class:

    Pencil (mandatory) and blue/black pen


    A folder to take work home with them and to bring the completed work back

    Three ring binder which will be shared with Math class

    Calculator(does not have to be scientific)

    Colored pencils


    Classroom Expectations

    Classroom expectations allow the teacher to teach and students to learn. Students are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct as well as classroom expectations:

    1.  Be on time: pencils should be sharpened before class starts and bell ringers should be worked on as soon as the student sits down.


    2.  Be prepared: bring all materials to class each day.
    3.  Be respectful: Please do not talk while I am teaching or giving instruction. If you have something to share,I would love to hear it, but please wait until you are called upon to share it with the class. No yelling out. 
    4.  Be responsible: do all your class work and turn it in on time. If you are absent please check the front closet door where the all work is kept for the week.
    5.  Be organized: know where your materials are and know what you need to do. Be neat about your work.
    6.  Be an achiever: do your best in everything. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or answer questions. Even if you are wrong at least you tried!

    Any misbehavior for a substitute teacher will result in an automatic referral.


    I am looking forward to a wonderful year with you!!