• My Philosophy of Education


    As an educator, it is my desire to provide the opportunity for each child to acquire the skills necessary to reach their fullest potential emotionally, intellectually and socially in a safe, caring, supporting and stimulating environment.  In teaching to the needs of each child and offering encouragement, I work towards developing a positive self-concept.  I promote respect and appreciation for all belongings and all people in the learning community. 

          It is also the duty of an educator to model responsibility.  The expectations in my classroom permit each child to develop responsibility for themselves and their own learning.  I also believe it is my responsibility to incorporate integrated units, projects, group and individual work, and hands-on learning in order to develop active learners.  By tying the learning to the child’s life out of school I will help them to become active members in society with a desire to continue learning.

          The student's grade is calculated by dividing the points earned by the total possible points and multiplying by 100.  For example, if a student earns 8 out of 10 points on a quiz, 20 out of 25 points on a test and 15 out of 20 points on another quiz, the student has earned 43 points out of a possible 50 points.  So, the grade is calculated by dividing 43 by 50, which is 0.8, then multiplying by 100, which is an 80.