• My Philosophy of Education:

    Every child can learn a World Language when provided with the  proper instructional strategies, monitored practice, assessment, and feedback.
    The students’ grades in the WL class will reflect their level of success in mastering the knowledge and communicative skills of listening, speaking,
    reading and writing in a Language Other Than English. Consistent attendance in school will enhance a successful outcome. Students must practice their new
    learning, and focus on participation in class activities on a daily basis.

    Grading Policy:  


    The following list/description details specific types of student assessments that are represented by each of the marking period grades.
    Each marking period may include:
    -Listening,reading, writing and speaking assessments
    -Oral Effective Communicators

    -Exams at the end of the marking period and after specific content/lessons

    -Individual projects and group/partner projects (performance based)

    -Individual and group/partner presentations

    -Routine (daily/weekly) classwork tasks

    -Written assignments/Effective Communicator essays & letters

    -Informal and formal speaking assessments


    Tests 20%
    Performance based projects/presentations 30%
    Speaking tasks 15%
    Writing tasks 15%
    Class work tasks (ex. weekly bell ringer) 20%

    Tests and quizzes consist of unit and chapter assessments based on the textbook, oral presentations or role plays, compositions, etc. Oral and written work is graded using rubric scores. Forms of assessment will be announced ahead of time although unannounced quizzes on additional material are possible at the discretion of the teacher.  Grades will be posted on the School Tools grade book online on a daily and weekly basis. You are encouraged to check progress online between the formally issued interim and report cards posted on the district calendar.

     Assigned practice (classwork):
    · Always relevant to a skill practiced in class; practice begins in class (current topic or review topic)

    ·Reviewed the next day in class with feedback and students make corrections

    · Available time for student to seek help from teacher between
    classes if necessary