• Grading Policy
    The Middle Level English grading philosophy is that grades are meant to provide teachers with clarification of strengths and weaknesses for future instructional practices.Grades also act as a motivational tool for students, while helping them evaluate and monitor their own progress.

    The students grades will reflect that what is being taught is properly assessed and therefore grades are an accurate indicator of achievement level.

    The following list details specific types of student assessments that are represented in each of the marking period grades for my class.

    • Quarterly Assessments: 100 points
    • Effective Communicator: 100 points
    • Novels/Corresponding Packets: 200 points
    • Quizzes: 30 - 50 points
    • Unit Tests: 100 points
    • Vocabulary Lessons/Quizzes/Mechanics: ~300 points
    • Book Reports: 100 points
    • Take Home Assessments and Quizzes: 30 points
    *Note: The number and type of assessments may vary from marking period to marking period; total number could vary from quarter to quarter. Only first and second quarterly assessments will be incorporated into 10-week grade. Third quarter assessment is ELA exam and fourth quarter assessment is final exam.

    Marking period grades are calculated using the following weightings for each of the specific types of assessments. I have also included the mathematical formula that I use in grade calculations.

    Marking period grades are calculated by dividing the total points earned during the marking period by the total possible points. An example of this would be a student earning 90 points on a book report out of a possible 100 points, 30 points on a quiz out of a possible 50 points, and 70 points on a unit test out of a possible 100 points. The grade would be total points earned: (190) divided by total possible points: (250) which would equal a 76%.