Success in college level mathematics courses begins with a good understanding of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.  One of the goals of this course is to continue to develop and expand this understanding in the students.  Another goal is to show the students how these skills can be used as modeling language for real life problems.  Numerous pertinent applications are integrated throughout every section of the course.   The use of graphing calculators in the course is mandated.  Students should have their own graphing calculator or access to one of the school’s calculators.

    This will be a challenging course focused on extending previous knowledge and preparing the students for college level mathematics.  To be successful, students will need to spend time outside of the classroom doing homework and studying for exams, and will need to seek extra help whenever necessary.  Active participation in classroom activities is a must.


    Topics covered include:

                Review of Prerequisites

                Functions and Graphs

                Polynomial and Rational Functions

                Exponential and Logarithmic Functions


                Analytic Trigonometry

                Additional Topics in Trigonometry

                Systems of Equations and Inequalities


                Analytic Geometry

                Limits and Derivatives