ATTENDANCE: You need to be in school as often as possible both physically and mentally.  Come prepared to learn.  Anyone seeking permission to miss a class for a field trip MUST be current on all assignments for the marking period.

    CLASS PARTICIPATION: Being in school physically is not enough.  You need to be actively engaged in the learning process by asking/answering questions and participating in classroom discussion.  You will not learn math simply by being in a math classroom.

    HOMEWORK:  I am a firm believer in homework being a vital part of the learning process.  In order to be good in math, you must spend time outside of the classroom practicing the skills taught.  All homework is due the next day, no excuses.  If you are absent, you are expected to get the assignment through the guidance office, a classmate, or Mr. Williams…the assignment is due when you get back to school.  If you are absent for a field trip or school related reason, you are expected to get the assignment before leaving and still have the assignment done the next day.  If you are taking an extended time off of school for vacation or family obligation, assignments should be picked up through Mr. Williams before leaving.  Homework is to be completed in your notebook.  Incomplete homework will receive credit only if turned in the following class period.    

    TESTS:  Most tests and quizzes are announced in advance but I always reserve the right to surprise you.  These tests will be challenging so be sure that you are prepared … STUDY.

    GRADES:  My philosophy is simple … YOU EARN the grade that goes on the report card.  Your grades are determined as follows:

     Total points earned on tests/quizzes/homework divided by total number of possible points

    EXTRA HELP: If for any reason you are feeling unconfident, lost, confused, etc, please see me for extra help immediately.  I will make myself available for my students whenever we are both available.  By letting me know that you are coming for help, I can be sure to be there or I will let you know if I have something else conflicting.  Please do not wait until you are buried and/or right before a test to seek help … as soon as you feel yourself slipping ASK FOR HELP. Remember that when you come for help, I am not there to give you the answers and/or to do it for you.  I will help you to solve your own problem and to learn how to do them independently.  My free periods are:  3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, and afterschool.

    CALCULATORS:  Calculators are allowed on most tests and homework.  I have them available for in class use, but you should have your own for out of class use.  Honors Pre-Calculus and Calculus students should be using a graphing calculator.