1. Required Materials

    1)  Binder and loose leaf paper or notebook (graphing notebook (spiral) recommended)

    2)  Pencil or pen

    3)  TI-nspire Graphing Calculator (not CAS) or TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

    4)  Agenda or assignment notebook

    *You will be expected to have all of the above materials with you when the bell rings or else you are unprepared, which could affect your academic standing in the class.


    1. Classroom Behavior Policy

    1)  Be Prepared:  have all of the above materials

    2)  Be on Time:  tardiness will require a pass… Frequent tardiness will result in lunch detention

    3)  Be Respectful:  to other students, teachers, and visitors

    4)  Be Ready to Learn:  Participate in activities, work and ask questions when necessary


    III.  Grade Evaluation

    The ten-week grade is composed of the following items:  tests, and quizzes. You will have the opportunity for re-taking a test, but only for about a week after the first test is handed back to you.  The new test grade supersedes the previous grade, no matter what.  The philosophy behind this is that if you understand the material more or less, your grade should reflect this. You will not succeed in this class without consistently doing your homework and correcting it, despite it not being part of the overall average.  There will be frequent “homework quizzes,” where the same or very similar questions from the homework are given to assess if the student understands recent homework questions.  These quizzes will only take a few minutes to complete, but will often not be announced.  This also ensures students are not falling behind.  Tests will be announced, and could consist of previous topics, as well as the current ones.  Students will have a maximum of one class period to complete a test.  The class average is computed by adding up total points earned, divided by total possible points.


    1. Summary of Topics

    The students will be required to take the Algebra 2 Common Core Regents in June.  Therefore, it will be very important that students take and keep well-organized notes as well as consistently do their homework.  Topics will include (but not limited to) Complex numbers, sequences and series, relations and functions, logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions and identities, along with their applications, statistics, and probability.


    1. How to be Successful

    1)  Come to class daily

    2)  Do homework daily

    3)  Keep an organized binder/notebook

    4)  Participate in class by answering and asking questions

    5)  See me for extra help immediately—Don’t Wait!!

    6)  Keep track of how you are doing

    7)  Make up missed work from absences.  It will be your responsibility to catch up whenever I am available: Time available: 2nd, 3rd, 7th (lunch), 8th and/or 9th, and afterschool.


    1. Extracurricular Activities

    Students that participate in programs outside of the classroom will require permission to miss class and will

    be expected to make-up missed work.  Permission will only be granted to students who are up-to-date.