• PreK Philosophy of Education


    We believe in providing a safe, nurturing environment which offers developmentally appropriate activities to help children progress intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.


    PreK is a stepping stone into a child’s formal education as well as a parent’s introduction into our school system.  Because learning is social before it is cognitive, it is important for children to play and interact with others to develop the foundation for future academic success.





    My Young Son

    by Dan Valentine


    My young son starts school today

    It’s going to be sort of strange and new to him for awhile, and I wish you would sort of treat him gently

    You see, up to now he’s been king of the roost

    He’s been boss of the backyard

    His mother has always been near to soothe his wounds and repair his feelings

    But now things are going to be different

    I wish you would sort of look after him

    Take him by the hand and teach him things he would have to know

    But do it gently, if you can.



    Philosophy of Grading


    years are a period of extreme growth and development.  Not all children develop at the same rate.  Grades reflect the developmental stage a child is in at the time.

    Communication of Grades:

    In Pre-K, student progress is based on teacher observation of the individual performance of students.  In order to make the computer program work, we must enter a number.  We have developed the following method to communicate your child's progress to you online and on the progress report:


    4-Outstanding performance=90

    3-Satisfactory performance, reaching grade level expectations=80

    2-Progressing toward grade level expectations=60

    1-Not yet ready=50