• My philosophy of education and grading is an attempt to ensure students to reach the following goals:

    Organization:  Students need structure and discipline in their classes and their organization is a microcosm of that.  Students especially need to be organized in order to be able to succeed later in education and life.

                Support:  Students need to feel support both at home and in school.  For this reason, I want to be as available and helpful as possible, making students feel safe and secure in my classroom during class and free periods.

                Confidence:  I want students to feel that if they apply themselves, then good things will happen.  A student usually fails because they have decided that they cannot succeed.  If the student knows that their teachers believe in them, they will work for you.

                Challenge:  Students need to be challenged within their means.  Boredom can lead to a student not succeeding.  A student that is challenged and succeeds further builds their confidence, as well. 

                Human Beings:  Develop a person that will eventually become a successful member of society.  It is not forgotten that many students will never use Mathematics in their careers.  However, they will need to be responsible, respectful, and sociable in order to function correctly.  At the conclusion of their classes, they should be one step closer to these goals.

    Summary of Topics

                    The students will be required to take the Algebra 2 Common Core Regents in June.  Therefore, it will be very important that students take and keep well-organized notes as well as consistently do their homework.  Topics will include (but not limited to) Complex numbers, sequences and series, logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions and identities, along with their applications, statistics, and probability.